Fishing Program for Women by J. Martino

Fishing program geared for women (Don’t forget to renew fishing license) By: John Martino Over the past several years women have been the fastest growing segment of the fishing community. But the reason many don’t have the opportunity to become engaged in our angling activities is because they lack a mentor. “I never would have got into fishing if it wasn’t for my boyfriend,” said Leslie Moffitt. “Now I couldn’t imagine my life without it.” “If it wasn’t for my Dad I doubt I would have ever fished,” echoed Kathryn Kintner. Now, as a single parent, Kintner says many lifelong memories were made through time spent with her kids fishing. “I think it is one of the cheapest and most enjoyable things you can do with your children,” she added. Many people believe women make better anglers than men. I have to agree. They are simply born with the traits that make them successful. First off, they lack testosterone which can sometimes fire up the competitive spirit among other things. They are also better listeners and better students. Ladies also possess a far greater amount of patience, a necessity in the fishing world. Maybe they developed this virtue from a life raising children or dealing with irreverent husbands, but regardless, they have more patience than men. In an effort to help get women started into the world of fishing, the Department of Natural Resources will be hosting a “Learn to Fish Workshop.” The event is scheduled for April 20 and will be held at the St. Patrick’s County Park located on the north side of South Bend. The day long program will focus on presenting basic knowledge for participants to feel comfortable enough to go fishing on their own. Part of the class will focus on having students fish with rods, reels and terminal tackle they rig by themselves. The event is free and no fishing license will be required as the date coincides with one of Indiana’s free fishing days. The park will also waive entrance fees for those attending. No equipment is necessary as fishing gear will be provided. If you are interested in attending this unique program, advance registration is required. The workshop is only open to the first 15 who apply. To register go to Don’t forget to renew fishing license Believe it or not spring has arrived, regardless of last weekend’s snow. This means it’s time to take to the water for some of the year’s best fishing. But before you cast your line hoping for a trophy catch or succulent table faire, remember it’s also time to renew your fishing license. The 2018 license expired on March 31 so now is the time to purchase your new one if you haven’t already. Licenses are easy to obtain and can be purchased online or at over 500 authorized vendors located throughout the state. It is important to mention that those under the age of 18 or those currently engaged in full time military service while on approved military leave do not need a license. A license is not needed to fish private waters where fish cannot enter or leave via a tributary to public waters. Fees from annual fishing permits help contribute towards fishery management, habitat creation and protection, endangered species programs and conservation protection. Consider your new license as an important contribution. Every time you go fishing, you make an impact on the environment around you. With an increasing number of anglers on the waterways each year, there can be a high level of pressure exerted on our fish species and the habitats in which they live. And the purchase of a license, while also giving us legal permission to fish public waters, also helps guarantee our aquatic resources for future generations.